Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make your life as easy as we can!

  • What are the dimensions for the photos?

    The photos will be printed on high-quality photo paper of 10×15 cm.

  • When can I expect to receive the digital photos?

    We make sure you receive your digital photos within three business days. All photos are carefully and professionally retouched, so you can use them on your website and social media. If you need them sooner, please let us know so we can discuss if we can help you.

  • Do the photographers need a power supply?

    We bring our own power supply and we make sure all our gear is fully charged, so we never run out of power. And in case we do, we make sure to bring power banks as backups. So no power failures. Ever.

  • When will you arrive at my event?

    We need about 15 minutes to connect and install all our stuff. That’s why we aim to arrive about half an hour before the event, if possible.

  • How many prints can you make?

    Our photographer will make about 30 prints an hour.

  • Can you make multiple prints per photo? For group shots, for instance?

    Of course. If there’s time, we can print a copy for everyone in the group shot. If you’d rather have us focus on taking more photos, that’s possible too. Printing multiple copies takes longer, so we understand if you’d prefer to just print out a single copy. Your guests won’t mind.

  • Can you take some general atmospheric shots of our event as well?
    Sure! Our photographers are trained professionals who know how to capture the feeling of a moment. Give us a heads up, and we’ll make sure we take a few great shots of the event for you. No extra charge.
  • How soon can I expect a reply to my reservation?

    If sent during office hours, we’ll make sure to reply on the same day.

  • How many photos will I get?

    Our photographer takes about 30 to 50 hours an hour.